What is Personal Branding? And why should you care about it?
Clothes reflect who you are, how you feel at the moment and sometimes even what you want to achieve in life. In today`s society women are taking on more responsibility than ever. You are building your career while raising a family. It can be overwhelming and time consuming. You know you need to look good for an impressive personality in order to compete in the marketplace.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so why not present your best self everyday? Whether you know it or not, you are being judged by how you present yourself to the world . . . whether you are a business owner or a stay at home mom.

Unique and customized marketing services focused around a passion for fashion. Whether you own a clothing store, or you shop at a clothing store, let's enhance your brand!

Professional Services

Social Media Management
Customizable Options / $1399 - $3599 per Month
Every business needs a social media presence if you want to be taken seriously. You need to continually put yourself in front of your potential clients so you can be found online easily. Especially if you sell fashion, you will want to continually present your product line in the best possible light to your ideal target market. Today's woman is a professional who not only wants to dress for success, but that same woman who has date nights with her husband and wants to look sexy, and that same woman who takes her family on vacations to the beach and needs casual attire.
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Instagram & Tiktok Reels
2 Reels for $475 - no contract to sign
Everybody loves video!! You get two 60 second video reels created from images of YOUR merchandise that you provide, which you can then post on all your social media platforms. For an additional charge, we will go to your store, put together fabulous and flattering outfits, and do a photoshoot to use as content for the video reels. No long term commitments, no contracts to sign! Create new video reels only when you need them.
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Style & Wardrobe Makeover
From $149
After an initial consultation about your lifestyle and activities, we will review your current clothing choices and offer style & wardrobe makeover suggestions. Online consultation and in person shopping trips to assist and guide you through the process of trying on and purchasing clothes. This service is for anyone wanting to dress for success. We help you choose clothing that flatters your body type, which will in turn give you an inner confidence and a sense of power to accomplish great things! If you believe in herself, others will follow suit. (Pun intended!)
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Read what one client had to say about her experience with us . . .
`My husband decided I needed new clothes (meaning brand new, not just new-to-me). He found out that helping people - well, women actually - find affordable and flattering clothing is one of Cindy's passions. With Cindy's help, I now have at least 9 new outfits, all without breaking the bank. Thanks for your help and your patience. I really appreciate the time you spent with me.` Cheryl - Edmonton, Alberta

VIP Membership Program
(Date and price to be announced)
Do you LOVE being a girl??! Remember slumber parties?
Using our Gotta Fashion Passion branding, we reach two separate but intertwined clienteles to bring them together for the benefit of both parties. It all has to do with personal branding using clothing choices. What we provide is different and unique. We focus on community by educating and then creating opportunities to unite the two demographics using special activities and onsite social events incorporating impromptu fashion shows with photoshoots, and use that content for social media promotions to create a BUZZ and awareness! Flash sales and last of inventory announcements will be broadcast through email lists and text messages for the VIP members and their guests. It brings a personal and inviting aspect to the store brand, and word of mouth advertising plays a big role in it. A great way to grow the brand on social media platforms and increase client appreciation and loyalty.
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