Identity Crisis?

Master Graphics Marketing & Design

Does your business have an Identity Crisis?
You are marketing your business just like everyone else, but you are not getting any results!
Over time your company's products and services may change and your logo no longer reflects your company's brand. You may not even be sure what your brand is anymore!
Most people come to me to update their logo because it no longer represents their company accurately, and must be updated to be relevant and reach their target market.

You work hard at being the best in your field, so let me do what I do best and start building brand recognition for your business.

Front & Centre

You have one chance to get this right. Your logo is the first thing that your audience will look for when they see any communications from your brand. It should be front and centre of all your marketing materials both in print and online, and it should communicate your company's core values in an interesting way.

Brand recognition

You have about 2 seconds to convince potential customers that your products are worth any consideration. It's true that logo design is only a part of your company's brand but it serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which your brand is built.

Strong first impression

Your logo is your company's first introduction to consumers. If designed well, it can pique the interest of the public and invite them to learn more about your company. It separates you from your competition to make you STAND OUT if you have a solid logo to speak for your company.

3 Easy Steps

My name is Cindy and I have 40 years of experience in the graphic design and marketing industry. I have worked with thousands of business owners from various industries, and I have researched each industry to determine the `voice` that logo needs to have in order to stand out from its competitors. I'm sure I can help you!

Master Graphics Marketing & Design

Step 1

Contact Me to Get Started
Click the link above and please include your website and social media sites for me to review prior to our discovery meeting. We will then book a meeting.

Step 2

We Create A Success Plan
During our meeting we will discuss who your ideal customer is, and determine the best way to showcase your qualities to them in your logo and brand identity.

Step 3

Implement & Launch
Your logo will better reflect your company and appeal to your target market, creating the perception that you're trustworthy and accessible.


Calgary Soccer Tournament Digital Flyer

I have to say this is one of best dealings with a business in years. Cindy was polite, informative, well established and knows her stuff, the ideas she had to help me with our logo were fantastic, very quick in contacting and working with me. The final logo's were outstanding, the price was more than fair, you need graphics done, I recommend Cindy highly, thank you. We got 2 styles done - embroidery and vinyl - again thanks!

Jan Russell - MCSS - Maracle Sundance Society

We needed a logo for our Summer Pool League team t-shirts. Cindy has the ability to take a vague idea and turn it into a work of art bringing concept to visual reality. When you need an image to speak volumes, you can trust Cindy to deliver the goods.

Steve Power - Competitive Pool Player
Pro Fight Supplements Brochure